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Andrew S. Erickson China's rapid development is reshaping the world in all dimensions. Chinese language open sources offer insights into these critical trends. While such materials are increasing constantly in number, diversity, and sophistication, only a fraction is available in English. The analyses available here, many based on sources not previously considered outside China, are designed to help bridge that gap--and thereby increase understanding of the most dynamic great power in the international system today.

15 March 2019

Hot Off the (Naval Institute) Press: “China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations”

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I’m excited to share that Naval Institute Press has just released CMSI’s new edited volume, China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations, today (March 15). It’s the seventh volume in the “Studies in Chinese Maritime Development Series,” of which I’m the series editor. And it’s already shipping from Amazon. Members of the U.S. Naval […]

11 March 2019

Andrew S. Erickson and Ryan D. Martinson Discuss China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations

Dmitry Filipoff, “Andrew S. Erickson and Ryan D. Martinson Discuss China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations,” Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC), 11 March 2019.

Republished as “Interview: China’s Maritime ‘Gray Zone’ Operations,” The Maritime Executive, 2019.

On March 15th, the Naval Institute Press will publish China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations, a volume edited by professors Andrew S. Erickson and Ryan D. Martinson from the Naval […]

04 March 2019

China’s 2019 Defense Spending to Rise 7.5% to 1.19 Trillion Yuan (~177.61 Billion U.S. Dollars)

It’s official! In 2019 China will raise defense spending by 7.5% to 1.19 trillion yuan (about 177.61 billion U.S. dollars). That’s a large increase off an enormous baseline. The official figures were released today at Beijing’s biggest political meetings of the year—the “Two Sessions,” back-to-back meetings of two major PRC political bodies: the nearly-3,000-delegate National People’s […]

25 February 2019

Just Out in Time for the Geopolitical Issue of the Day: The Diego Garcia Bookshelf

Andrew S. Erickson, Walter Ladwig, and Justin Mikolay, “Diego Garcia: Anchoring America’s Future Presence in the Indo-Pacific,” Harvard Asia Quarterly 15.2 (Summer 2013): 20-28.
Issue Theme: “Asia’s Security Future—National Strategies and Regional Institutions”
Systemic shifts are reorienting the world’s economic center of gravity to the Indo-Pacific. The Indian Ocean Region (IOR) is emerging as a strategic zone of particular importance, […]

24 February 2019

The Complete Peter Dutton Bookshelf: China’s Maritime Legal Approaches, Sovereignty Claims, Activities & Geostrategy

For well over a decade, Naval War College professor and China Maritime Studies Institute director Peter A. Dutton has played a leading role in analyzing and interpreting China’s disputed island and maritime sovereignty claims, efforts to promote them, and broader geostrategic goals and trajectory. He has done so for the scholarly and policy communities, the U.S. Navy, […]

24 February 2019

Open Source Research on China’s Maritime Law Enforcement Force Structure Development: Methodology & References

The following publications regarding the People’s Republic of China (PRC)’s rapid development of the world’s largest maritime law enforcement (“Coast Guard”) fleet and key dynamics concerning its force structure are based on far more extensive open source research than can be reflected in the space available for citations within them:

Joshua Hickey, Andrew S. Erickson, and […]

20 February 2019

China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations—7th volume in Naval Institute Press “Studies in Chinese Maritime Development” series

Andrew S. Erickson and Ryan D. Martinson, China’s Maritime Gray Zone Operations (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2019).
As with the previous six volumes in our “Studies in Chinese Maritime Development” series, an Amazon Kindle edition will be available.
Eventually, there will also be an authorized Chinese-language translation through Ocean Press, China’s leading maritime publisher.

Andrew S. Erickson and Ryan D. […]

18 February 2019

Honored to have my research cited in 27 Wikipedia entries

I’m honored to be cited in the following Wikipedia entries:
Chengdu J-20
Shenyang J-15
Shenyang WS-10
Anti-ship ballistic missile
C-801 anti-ship missile
CJ-10 (missile)
P-270 Moskit
People’s Liberation Army Navy Submarine Force
Nuclear submarine
Peng Pai
Type 091 submarine
Type 092 submarine
Shang-class submarine
Type 095 submarine
Chinese cruiser Zhiyuan
Type 056 corvette
Diego Garcia
Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia

18 February 2019

The Ryan Martinson Bookshelf–Unique Insights into China’s Coast Guard, Maritime Policies, and Activities at Sea

For analysis of Chinese maritime policy and China Coast Guard development, it simply doesn’t get any better than this. Enjoy this fully updated one-stop library of my colleague Ryan Martinson’s work. It’s well worth reading all 20 of these superb publications!
Ryan D. Martinson, “China’s Far Seas Naval Operations, From the Year of the Snake to […]

18 February 2019

China’s Far Seas Naval Operations, From the Year of the Snake to the Year of the Pig

Ryan D. Martinson, “China’s Far Seas Naval Operations, From the Year of the Snake to the Year of the Pig,” Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC), 18 February 2019.
Every year, about this time, the leaders of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) send their regards to Chinese sailors deployed overseas during the Lunar New Year. […]

16 February 2019

Important article by Prof. Wu Zhengyu, Renmin University of China—“Towards Naval Normalcy: ‘Open Seas Protection’ & Sino-US Maritime Relations”

Looking for substantive maritime geostrategic analysis by a top Chinese scholar? Read on!
Zhengyu Wu, “Towards Naval Normalcy: ‘Open Seas Protection’ and Sino-US Maritime Relations,” The Pacific Review (Published online: 14 February 2019).
On May 26th, 2015, China published its 10th Defense White Paper which integrated ‘open seas protection’, along with ’offshore waters defense’, into its naval […]

14 February 2019

The Impact of Xi-Era Reforms on the Chinese Navy

Ian Burns McCaslin and Andrew S. Erickson, “The Impact of Xi-Era Reforms on the Chinese Navy,” Phillip C. Saunders, Arthur S. Ding, Andrew Scobell, Andrew N.D. Yang, and Joel Wuthnow, eds., Chairman Xi Remakes the PLA: Assessing Chinese Military Reforms (Washington, DC: National Defense University Press, 2018), 125-170.
Click here to download a cached copy of the chapter.
The Impact of Xi-Era Reforms on the […]

14 February 2019

New Book from National Defense University Press—“Chairman Xi Remakes the PLA: Assessing Chinese Military Reforms”

Phillip C. Saunders, Arthur S. Ding, Andrew Scobell, Andrew N.D. Yang, and Joel Wuthnow, eds., Chairman Xi Remakes the PLA: Assessing Chinese Military Reforms (Washington, DC: National Defense University Press, 2018).
Click here to download a PDF copy of the book.
An ePub version is available here.
You can order a complimentary hard copy here.
China’s current military reforms are unprecedented in their ambition and […]

12 February 2019

Senate Armed Services Committee Testimony by Admiral Philip S. Davidson, Commander, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command on INDOPACOM Posture—Includes pithy China content

Statement of Admiral Philip S. Davidson, U.S. Navy, Commander, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command before the Senate Armed Services Committee on U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Posture, Hearing on United States Indo-Pacific Command and United States Forces Korea, Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC, 12 February 2019.
 p. 5
China: Military Modernization.
Over the last 20 years, Beijing has undertaken a massive […]

11 February 2019

The China Maritime Militia Bookshelf: Complete with Latest Recommendations & Fact Sheet


Tracking China’s “Little Blue Men”—A Comprehensive Maritime Militia Compendium
Rarely is a topic so little recognized and so little understood, yet so important and so amenable to research using Chinese-language open sources… To increase awareness and understanding of this important subject, here is a convenient compendium of major publications and […]

11 February 2019

New DIA Report—“Challenges to Security in Space”—Offers Copious China-Related Information

Challenges to Security in Space (Washington, DC: Defense Intelligence Agency, January 2019).
Click here to download a cached copy.
 p. iii
Executive Summary
Space-based capabilities provide integral support to military, commercial, and civilian applications. Longstanding technological and cost barriers to space are falling, enabling more countries and commercial firms to participate in satellite construction, space launch, space exploration, and human […]

11 February 2019

Major New CRS Report with Substantial China Coverage: “Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress”

Ronald O’Rourke, Coordinator; Jane A. Leggett; Laura B. Comay; Jonathan L. Ramseur; Peter Folger; Pervaze A. Sheikh; John Frittelli; Harold F. Upton; and Marc Humphries, Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress, R41153 (Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service, 7 February 2019).
Click here to download a cached copy.
Of special interest:

pp. 52-74: Arctic geopolitical environment
pp. […]

11 February 2019

“China’s Actions in South & East China Seas: Implications for U.S. Interests—Background & Issues for Congress”—New Edition of O’Rourke’s CRS Report Highlights Coast Guard & Maritime Militia

Ronald O’Rourke, China’s Actions in South and East China Seas: Implications for U.S. Interests—Background and Issues for Congress, R42784 (Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service, 31 January 2019).
If you have trouble accessing the website above, please download a cached copy here.
You can also click here to access the report via the new public CRS website.

07 February 2019

“Strategic Asia 2019: China’s Expanding Strategic Ambitions”—Rollout Event on China’s Rise & the International Order for New NBR Volume—Today from 10:00 AM-1:45 PM

The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) is holding a discussion and luncheon to mark the release of the eighteenth volume in the Strategic Asia series: Strategic Asia 2019: China’s Expanding Strategic Ambitions, edited by Ashley J. Tellis, Alison Szalwinski, and Michael Wills.
This event features remarks by Strategic Asia Program Research Director Ashley J. Tellis as well as […]