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Andrew S. Erickson China's rapid development is reshaping the world in all dimensions. Chinese language open sources offer insights into these critical trends. While such materials are increasing constantly in number, diversity, and sophistication, only a fraction is available in English. The analyses available here, many based on sources not previously considered outside China, are designed to help bridge that gap--and thereby increase understanding of the most dynamic great power in the international system today.

30 August 2009

The U.S. Response to China’s ASAT Test: An International Security Space Alliance for the Future

Anthony J. Mastalir, “The U.S. Response to China’s ASAT Test: An International Security Space Alliance for the Future,” Drew Paper No. 8 (Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama: Air University Press, August 2009).
Nearly three years have passed since China’s successful antisatellite (ASAT) test ushered in a new era of space competition. If U.S. civilian and military […]

26 August 2009

Here Be Dragons

Aaron L. Friedberg and Robert S. Ross, “Here Be Dragons,” The National Interest, No. 103 (September/October 2009), pp. 19-34.
Robert S. Ross and Aaron L. Friedberg Debate: Is China a Military Threat?

21 August 2009

U.S.-China Security Relations

Andrew S. Erickson and Wei He, “U.S.-China Security Relations,” in Task Force Report—U.S.-China Relations: A Roadmap for the Future, Center for Strategic and International Studies Pacific Forum Issues & Insights, Vol. 9, No. 16 (August 20, 2009), pp. 7-12, available in English and Chinese.
Over a period of two months – from June 2009 to August […]

10 August 2009

Erickson Interview on Chinese ASBM & Aircraft Carrier Development in Asahi Shimbun

編集委員 加藤洋一 [Yoichi Kato, National Security Correspondent], “[Part 2] 「中国空母は脅威ではない。ゲームチャンジャーは対艦弾道ミサイルだ」” [China’s Aircraft Carrier is Not a Threat. The ‘Game Changer’ is the Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile], “中国、海軍大国への胎動” [Part 2 in the Series “The Rise of China’s Naval Power”], 朝日新聞 Globe [Asahi Shimbun Globe], 10 August 2009.
Click here to read the full text of this interview of […]

08 August 2009

People’s Liberation Army Entries in Encyclopedia of Modern China

Andrew S. Erickson, “People’s Liberation Army: Overview,” 95-108; “People’s Liberation Army: Command Structure of the Armed Services,” 108-110; “Military Regions,” 99; and “People’s Liberation Army: Military Enterprises and Industry Since 1949,” 112-15; in David Pong, ed., Encyclopedia of Modern China, Vol. 3 (New York: Scribner, 2009).

Also available as a SINGLE FILE.
Additional information on the encyclopedia is available via WorldCat, […]

01 August 2009

Pipe Dream—China Seeks Land and Sea Energy Security

Andrew S. Erickson, “Pipe Dream—China Seeks Land and Sea Energy Security,” China Watch, Jane’s Intelligence Review 21.8 (August 2009): 54-55.
China is seeking to reduce its dependence on seaborne oil shipments. This involves the construction of new pipelines, some of which are more economically viable than others. However, this will not be sufficient to supply China’s expected growth […]

01 August 2009

CMSI ‘Red Book’ #3: “Chinese Mine Warfare: A PLA Navy ‘Assassin’s Mace’ Capability”

Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, and William S. Murray, Chinese Mine Warfare: A PLA Navy ‘Assassin’s Mace’ Capability, Naval War College China Maritime Study 3 (June 2009).
Chinese translation (simplified character version/简体版) now available: Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, and William S. Murray, “中国水雷作战: 中国海军的「杀手锏,” 美海军战院中国海事研究第3号 (2009 六月), translation by苏文启 [Su Wen-Chi], ROC Navy officer (retired).
Chinese translation (traditional character version/繁體版/繁体版) likewise available: […]

28 July 2009

Arms and Influence at Sea

Thomas J. Culora and Andrew S. Erickson, “Arms and Influence at Sea,” Foreign Affairs, July/August 2009.
To the Editor:
Robert Kaplan (“Center Stage for the Twenty-first Century,” March/April 2009) correctly underscores the Indian Ocean’s strategic importance. But in envisioning “dynamic great-power rivalry” between Beijing and New Delhi there, he is too pessimistic about the United States’ ability […]

18 July 2009

China’s Military Development: Maritime and Aerospace Dimensions

Andrew S. Erickson, “China’s Military Development: Maritime and Aerospace Dimensions,” presented at Defense Foundation Forum, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC, 17 July 2009.
China is achieving a rapid if uneven revolution in maritime and aerospace capabilities. These capabilities are divided among China’s Second Artillery, Air Force, Navy, General Armaments Department, and even the ground forces, to […]

17 July 2009

China Goes to Sea: Maritime Transformation in Comparative Historical Perspective (CMSI Vol. 3)

Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, and Carnes Lord, eds., China Goes to Sea: Maritime Transformation in Comparative Historical Perspective (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, July 2009).
Reprinted in Chinese as [美]  安德鲁·S.埃里克森 (Erickson A.S.) [Andrew S. Erickson], 莱尔·J.戈尔茨坦 [Lyle J. Goldstein], 卡恩斯·洛德  [Carnes Lord], 编者 [Editors]; 董绍峰  [Dong Shaofeng], 姜代超 [Jiang Daichao] (译者) [Translators]; 中国走向海洋 [China Goes to Sea], 海洋战略与海洋强国论丛 [Maritime Strategy and […]

05 July 2009

The Contested Commons

Michèle Flournoy and Shawn Brimley, “The Contested Commons,” U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Vol. 135, No. 7 (July 2009).
Two officials from the Office of the Secretary of Defense look at a changing and challenging world and what it means for the future of American power.

26 June 2009

Important Chinese ASBM Article

“Important Chinese ASBM Article,” Information Dissemination, 25 June 2009.
When Andrew Erickson is talking about Chinese ASBM development with comprehensive analysis, it is always a must read. This is from the section in the article “Making an ASBM Work.” … Just in this section there are all kinds of important things being said, but I want […]

25 June 2009

Chinese ASBM Development: Knowns and Unknowns

Andrew S. Erickson, “Chinese ASBM Development: Knowns and Unknowns,” Jamestown China Brief 9.13 (24 June 2009): 4-8.
China wants to achieve the ability, or at minimum the appearance of the ability, to prevent a U.S. carrier strike group (CSG) from intervening in the event of a future Taiwan Strait crisis. China may be closer than ever to […]

11 June 2009

China’s SSBN Force: Transitioning to the Next Generation

Andrew S. Erickson and Michael Chase, “China’s SSBN Force: Transitioning to the Next Generation,” Jamestown China Brief 9.12 (10 June 2009).
China’s undersea deterrent is undergoing a generational change with the emergence of the Type-094, or Jin-class, which represents a substantial improvement over China’s first-generation Type-092, or Xia-class, nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN). Launched in the early 1980s, […]

01 June 2009

An Undersea Deterrent? China’s Emerging SSBN Force

Andrew S. Erickson and Michael S. Chase, “An Undersea Deterrent? China’s Emerging SSBN Force,” U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 135.4 (June 2009): 36-41.
China’s investment in a nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine force and the accompanying infrastructure indicates a major effort to take the boats to sea.
Increasingly aggressive Chinese harassment of U.S. survey vessels came to a head on 8 […]

01 June 2009

Hans Kristensen on “An Undersea Deterrent?”

Hans M. Kristensen, “A Chinese Seabased Nuclear Deterrent?,” FAS Strategic Security Blog, 1 June 2009.
The magazine U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings has an interesting article about China’s nuclear ballistic missile submarines written by Andrew S. Erickson and Michael Chase from the U.S. Naval War College. And I’m not just saying that because they reference several of […]

01 June 2009

The Evolution of China’s Naval Strategy and Capabilities: From “Near Coast” and “Near Seas” to “Far Seas”

This seminal analysis is destined to become a classic in the field. I consult it frequently when researching Chinese naval development, and commend it most highly to anyone serious about understanding the subject.
Nan Li, “The Evolution of China’s Naval Strategy and Capabilities: From ‘Near Coast’ and ‘Near Seas’ to ‘Far Seas’,” Asian Security 5.2 (May 2009): […]

29 May 2009

China’s Military Game Changer?

John Pomfret, “China’s Military Game Changer?” Pomfret’s China, 28 May 2009.
PostGlobal is an experiment in global, collaborative journalism, a running discussion of important issues among dozens of the world’s best-known editors and writers. It aims to create a truly global dialogue, drawing on independent journalists in the countries where news is happening–from China to Iran, […]

29 May 2009

Facing a New Missile Threat from China (Op-Ed)

Andrew S. Erickson, “Facing a New Missile Threat from China (Op-Ed): How the U.S. Should Respond to China’s Development of Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Systems,” CBS News, 28 May 2009.
Authoritative Chinese military documents suggest that Beijing has taken a serious interest in anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBMs). U.S. government sources state consistently that Beijing is pursuing an […]