07 August 2014

The Recruitment, Education, and Training of PLA Navy Personnel

The study that everyone wanted but nobody had produced before!

Kenneth Allen and Morgan Clemens, The Recruitment, Education, and Training of PLA Navy Personnel, Naval War College China Maritime Study 12 (August 2014).

Looking back at the parlous state of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)  in the early 1980s, Liu Huaqing, its former commander, wrote, “All areas [of the navy] required significant strengthening, but I believed the key was developing capable personnel.” Indeed, during Admiral Liu’s tenure (1982-88), the PLAN embarked on a major effort to improve the quality of its officers and enlisted personnel—an effort that continues to this day.

The purpose of this monograph is to examine the results of reforms of the way in which the PLAN recruits, educates, and trains its officers and enlisted personnel. Although these reforms began in the 1980s,

  • sasdigger

    For those of us that have spent 30 years watching the steady unfolding of professionalization of the armed forces in China I am saddened by the capture of America’s armed forces by social progressive engineers intent on misguided unprofessional naiveté rather than enhancing professionalism earned the hard way.
    Now, as never in our history, has such utter chaos erupted on all fronts simultaneously with such blatant disregard, misdiagnosis, and potential catastrophic denial threatening our fragile Republic.