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17 January 2024

The China Maritime Militia Bookshelf: Latest U.S. Gov’t Docs, SECNAV Guidance, Official Video—& More!

Andrew S. Erickson, “Tracking China’s ‘Little Blue Men’—A Comprehensive Maritime Militia Compendium,” China Analysis from Original Sources 以第一手资料研究中国, 17 January 2024.

American & Allied knowledge of the PRC’s Third Sea Force has come a long way since my outstanding Naval War College colleague Professor Conor Kennedy & I began our focused research following his arrival in Newport in […]

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26 December 2017

Republic of China (Taiwan) Ministry of National Defense (中華民國國防部) Issues “2017 National Defense Report” 106年國防報告書

106年國防報告書 [2017 National Defense Report] (台北 [Taipei]: 中華民國國防部 [Republic of China, Ministry of National Defense], December 2017).
Click here to download the full-text Chinese-language version.
The Chinese-language cartoon version (to engage a popular audience) is available here.
Click here to access a complete bilingual set of biannual reports dating back to 1992.
Initial media coverage here and here.

中華民國長期以來,是亞太地區維持和平、穩定和繁榮的重要成員。雖然, 我國與周邊國家皆無正式邦交,但我們以友善、誠信、互惠的原則,遂行實質
的交流,來構建一個穩定的安全環境,積極對區域安全、甚至國際社會,提供 […]

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