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13 March 2021

Japan Ministry of Defense: “Security Environment Surrounding Japan”

This latest set of major reports from Japan’s Defense Ministry brims with exquisitely detailed graphics that convey important new information. (Identical versions in English and Japanese.) Those of us who’ve long enjoyed exchanges with Japanese government interlocutors are familiar with this elegant style. The course I took with Edward Tufte makes me think he’d plead for fewer […]

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10 March 2018

New China Security Report from Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS) Mentions “Maritime Militia”! Access Complete Set of English/Japanese/Chinese Reports (Dating to 2010) Here.

On p. 57, the 2018 report from Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS), entitled “The China-US Relationship at a Crossroads,” does what the U.S. government should have done at the time, and has suffered unfortunate consequences for failing to do. In “Table 3-2: Major Actions Taken by China in the South China Sea,” under […]

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