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01 March 2021

Survey of English-Language Books on the PLA

This foundational survey of modern PLA studies reveals the state of the field just before the two decades’ meteoric growth to its present profusion. It specifically covers five dozen of the most significant works published over the past three decades, together with other sources emerging from China’s government and in then-still-new media such as the […]

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26 October 2019

Commemorating 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing at International Astronautical Congress—Papers & Presentations on LM Program Director Joe Gavin

People often ask how I ended up pursuing the extremely fulfilling, and somewhat esoteric, career that I’m so fortunate to enjoy now. The two-word answer is: “Joe Gavin.” Best known as the Program Director for the Apollo Lunar Module that landed the first—and thus far only—twelve men on the moon, he also happened to be my grandfather. Hearing […]

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19 July 2019

My Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Tribute: Lunar Module Program Director Joseph G. Gavin Jr. & His Contributions to American Aerospace Achievement

As we reach the historic 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing on July 20, it’s a fleeting opportunity to recognize all who made it possible while direct human connections and memories still exist. Among the many contributors, please spare a thought for Joe Gavin, the Lunar Module (LM) Program Director. Gavin consistently avoided the limelight, and never […]

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31 May 2017

IISS Launches “Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2017” Strategic Dossier at Shangri-La Dialogue

Launch of Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2017

IISS Shangri-La Dialogue
Dr. William Choong, Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellow for Asia-Pacific Security, IISS
Dr. Matthew Cottee, Research Associate, Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Policy, IISS
Professor Ben Schreer, Head, Department of Security Studies and Criminology, Macquarie University 
Dr. Euan Graham, Director, International Security Program, Lowy Institute for International Policy
Dr. Brendan Taylor, Head, Strategic and […]

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27 June 2016

“Chapter 5: China’s Maritime Militia”—Just Published in RADM Michael McDevitt’s CNA Report on “Becoming a Great ‘Maritime Power’: A Chinese Dream”

Andrew S. Erickson and Conor M. Kennedy, “Chapter 5: China’s Maritime Militia,” in Rear Admiral Michael McDevitt, USN (ret.), ed., Becoming a Great “Maritime Power”: A Chinese Dream (Arlington, VA: CNA Corporation, June 2016), 62–83.

An important component of China’s local armed forces is the militia. It supports China’s armed forces in a variety of functions, and is seeing expanded […]

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12 November 2015

“China’s Naval Shipbuilding: Progress and Challenges”— CMSI Conference—Event Write-up & Summary of Discussion

CAPT (SC) Harry Switzer, USNR (Ret.) and Andrew S. Erickson, “China Maritime Studies Institute,” The Bridge: The Magazine of the Naval War College Foundation 19 (Fall 2015): 9, 32.
In recent years, China’s navy has been launching new ships like dumping dumplings into the broth.” This phrase has circulated widely in Chinese media sources and websites.
To […]

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09 July 2015

CMSI Conference—“China’s Naval Shipbuilding: Progress and Challenges”—My Personal Summary of Discussion

Andrew S. Erickson, Personal summary of discussion at “China’s Naval Shipbuilding: Progress and Challenges,” conference held by China Maritime Studies Institute at U.S. Naval War College, Newport, RI, 19-20 May 2015.

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19 June 2015

Dragon Tracks: Emerging Chinese Access Points in the Indian Ocean Region

Andrew S. Erickson and Gabriel B. Collins, “Dragon Tracks: Emerging Chinese Access Points in the Indian Ocean Region,” Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, Center for Strategic and International Studies, 18 June 2015.
With six-plus-years of Chinese Gulf of Aden anti-piracy operations and China’s first submarine deployments to the Indian Ocean, considering possible support facilities for the People’s […]

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26 February 2015

Puppies Who Climbed Out of the River: The Roles and Influence of Chief Commanders and Designers

Andrew S. Erickson, “Puppies Who Climbed Out of the River: The Roles and Influence of Chief Commanders and Designers,” in Kevin Pollpeter, ed., The Human Dimension of China’s Defense Science, Technology, and Innovation System 8.5 (La Jolla, CA: University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, January 2015), 1-4.
For all its limitations, China’s “Two Chiefs” program […]

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04 June 2012

Information Dissemination Marks 5th Anniversary with “Virtual Conference: Celebrating Seapower Online”

Information Dissemination Marks 5th Anniversary with “Virtual Conference: Celebrating Seapower Online”
…To celebrate five years of online discussion related to Maritime Strategy and Strategic Communications, for the month of June Information Dissemination will be hosting a Virtual Conference sponsored by the United States Naval Institute. Sixteen leading voices in the maritime discussion with careers in the […]

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