09 January 2008

It’s Always Nice to Get the Chinese Perspective

It’s Always Nice to Get the Chinese Perspective,” Information Dissemination, 8 January 2008.

Last Thursday we highlighted the Winter 2008 Review at the Naval War College that has an excellent essay titled Chinese Evaluations of the US Navy Submarine Force. We found this essay to be excellent, well cited, indeed well put together and one of the most interesting reads on the Chinese perspective of the US Navy submarine service one can find in the open source. We have taken a few subject specific excerpts from the essay to cover some of the more information we found interesting, but would note that the essay is a must read in its entirety for anyone interested in Chinese submarine development. …

Gabriel Collins, Andrew Erickson, Lyle Goldstein, and William Murray of the Naval War College’s China Maritime Studies Institute deserve high praise for this publication, perhaps the best of its type on the China and Submarine centric topic in the open source anywhere. We recommend the full essay to anyone interested in developments from the Chinese perspective on submarine warfare.