26 November 2010

China SignPost™ (洞察中国) Website Launched. 7 Research Notes Already Available.

A new dedicated website, China SignPost™ 洞察中国 (http://www.chinasignpost.com/), provides complete access to concise analyses regarding China’s domestic development and growing international presence. They are published regularly by Dr. Andrew Erickson and Mr. Gabe Collins. 7 Research Notes are already available, and more will follow soon. Posting of comments on this site is highly encouraged, as the goal is to provide a forum for discussion of critical and timely China-related topics. Click here to view the new website now.

China SignPost 洞察中国–“Clear, high-impact China analysis.”©

China SignPost™ 洞察中国 aims to provide high-quality China analysis and policy recommendations in a concise, accessible form for people whose lives are being affected profoundly by China’s political, economic, and security development. We believe that by presenting practical, apolitical China insights we can help citizens around the world form holistic views that are based on facts, rather than political rhetoric driven by vested interests. We aim to foster better understanding of key internal developments in China, its use of natural resources, its trade policies, and its military and security issues.

China SignPost™ 洞察中国 founders Dr. Andrew Erickson and Mr. Gabe Collins have more than a decade of combined government, academic, and private sector experience in Mandarin Chinese language-based research and analysis of China. Dr. Erickson is an associate professor at the US Naval War College and fellow in the Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program. His other research is available at www.andrewerickson.com. Mr. Collins is a commodity and security specialist focused on China and Russia. The authors have published widely on maritime, energy, and security issues relevant to China.

The views and opinions contained in China SignPost™洞察中国are those of the authors alone and in no way reflect the views or policies of the authors’ employers. All relevant and eligible contents © Andrew S. Erickson and Gabriel B. Collins, 2010-