07 April 2011

Paul Giarra’s Recommended Naval War College Review Reading List

Cdr. Paul Giarra, USN (Ret.), The Naval War College Review: Why Tom’s Harsh Assessment is Off Target,” The Best Defense: Tom Ricks’s Daily Take on National Security, 7 April 2011.

The short answer as to why you are wrong about the Naval War College Review is that, just as one example, even if the Review did nothing else but publish Jim Holmes’s and Toshi Yoshihara’s articles, it would be making a contribution of potentially historic consequence for strategists generally.

The longer answer: Listed below are some of the notable repetitive authors who appear in the Naval War College Review. I’ve selected them because they are friends and colleagues, but also because they illustrate one notable contribution of the NWCR: supporting the intellectual development of a cadre of serial thinkers. They publish elsewhere as well, and have notable careers separate from the Naval War College. Tom Mahnken is a great example of this, but the pattern repeats.

I’ve also highlighted the best two to four articles and reviews from each issue for the last 8 quarterly issues of the NWCR. This is not a scientific or even organized review, but it is indicative of the general excellence of the NWCR. …

Spring 2011

Winter 2011

Autumn 2010

Summer 2010

Spring 2010

Winter 2010

Autumn 2009

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