11 August 2011

Kathrin Hille, Financial Times: “China’s First Aircraft Carrier Takes to Sea”

Kathrin Hille, China’s First Aircraft Carrier Takes to Sea,” Financial Times, 10 August 2011.

China has sent its first aircraft carrier to sea in a sign of the country’s burgeoning naval power.

The defence ministry said the Varyag, which the People’s Liberation Army purchased as an unfinished hull from Ukraine in 1998, started its first sea trial in the early hours of Wednesday.

While the long-awaited maiden voyage triggered an outpouring of joy among patriotic Chinese, the PLA Navy could struggle for years to master the skills needed to operate the ship.

“China has resolved some of the most fundamental physical issues involved in launching and landing aircraft from a small moving airfield, but the process remains immensely difficult,” Andrew Erickson, a China expert at the US Naval War College, wrote in a note on Wednesday. …

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