04 January 2008

Reading Bliss for Observers of Submarines and China

Reading Bliss for Observers of Submarines and China,” Information Dissemination, 3 January 2008.

… Inside Winter 2008 you will find reading bliss for submarine observers like us. If you want to get a head start, check it out, because we intend to spend extra time blogging about the essay “Chinese Evaluations of the US Navy Submarine Force” from the Winter 2008 review, and will be surprised if other bloggers, particularly submarine centric bloggers, don’t have a few thoughts and opinions as well. How good is the article? In our opinion:

It is the best open source professional publication on the topics of China and Submarines you are going to find anywhere. A must read.

For people like us keenly observing all things related to submarine warfare and China, or for those who love to read Chinese materials directly, this essay has sent us into near bliss with excellent citations and outstanding content. …