05 February 2008

Norman Polmar on CMSI’s China Sea Mine Research

Norman Polmar, “Is There a Mine Threat?” U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 134.2 (February 2008): 88-89.

If Chinese offensive mining is a concern, the U.S. Navy isn’t saying much about it. … Similarly, numerous articles in Proceedings, the Naval War College Review, and other professional publications address the Chinese submarine threat, but China’s use of mines is rarely mentioned. … The significant exception is the … official magazine of the U.S. submarine force—Undersea Warfare—which, in the Winter 2007 issue, has a significant article on Chinese mine warfare. The authors of the piece—entitled “China’s Undersea Sentries”—are essentially the same as those of the book, China’s Future Nuclear Submarine Force.

For the work cited here, an article-length summary of CMSI’s early PRC MIW research, see Andrew Erickson, Lyle Goldstein, and William Murray, China’s ‘Undersea Sentries’: Sea Mines Constitute Lead Element of PLA Navy’s ASW,” Undersea Warfare 9 (Winter 2007): 10-15.