12 September 2009

A National Asset in Newport

A National Asset in Newport,” Information Dissemination, 11 September 2009.

Earlier in the week, Galrahn made us all aware of some of the pickings from the Naval War College Review‘s August 2009 edition. Having written here before about the Chinese Anti-ship Ballistic Missile Program, I was excited to see an article co-authored by Andrew Erickson and David Yang entitled “Using the Land to Control the Sea? Chinese Analysts Consider the Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile” (Naval War College Review, Vol. 62, No. 4 Autumn 2009, pp. 53-86). …Dr. Andrew Erickson is a fantastic China scholar at the China Maritime Studies Institute at the Naval War College. I got to know him and the Director of CMSI (Dr. Lyle Goldstein) during the Maritime Strategy effort, but more importantly, I became aware of the irreplaceable work the scholars at CMSI do to help provide insight into China’s maritime goals and interests. …