31 August 2010

China Works Harder to Protect its Citizens Overseas

China Works Harder to Protect its Citizens Overseas,” China Daily, 30 August 2010.

China is showing its determination and efforts to protect its citizens overseas while dealing with the case of the killings of Hong Kong tourists in Manila, said an article in the Wall Street Journal on Aug 25. …

Andrew Erickson, an associate professor in the Strategic Research Department at the US Naval War College, said that “Beijing’s efforts to protect Chinese overseas are likely to increase.” He believed that “Several factors increase the likelihood that the Chinese government may be more able and willing to respond with force to future hostage situations or other targeted violence against Chinese citizens.”

They include the growing strength of the Chinese navy and the “Chinese leadership’s increasingly assertive worldview as the country emerges strongly from the deep global economic recession.”

For article quoted, see Jason Dean, “Manila Response Shows Pressure on Beijing,” China Real Time Report, Wall Street Journal, 25 August 2010.

For original article, see Andrew Erickson and Gabe Collins, “Looking After China’s Own: Pressure to Protect PRC Citizens Working Overseas Likely to Rise,” China Signpost 洞察中国™, No. 2 (17 August 2010).