21 June 2011

June 2011 Special Issue of Journal of Strategic Studies “China’s Emergence as a Defense Technological Power” a Must Read

Under the leadership of Profs. Joe Maiolo and Thomas Mahnken, as well as Prof. Timothy Hoyt, Journal of Strategic Studies boasts a rare combination of intellectual rigor, empirical richness, and policy relevance that other political science- and history-related publications would do well to emulate. Led by noted China technology scholar Dr. Tai Ming Cheung, whose book Fortifying China: The Struggle to Build a Modern Defense Economy (Cornell UP 2009) has set a standard in the field, the expert contributors to the June 2011 issue address a vital subject that is all too rarely covered with depth and sophistication: China’s military-technical development. Having read every article in this special issue closely, I commend it to all who might be interested in this area. Given China’s rapid rise in these areas, as demonstrated by the articles below, this should be a broad audience indeed.

Journal of Strategic Studies, 34.3 (June 2011)

Special Issue: China’s Emergence as a Defense Technological Power


China’s Emergence as a Defense Technological Power: Introduction

Tai Ming Cheung

295 – 297

China’s Anti-Access Strategy in Historical and Theoretical Perspective

Thomas G. Mahnken

299 – 323

The Chinese Defense Economy’s Long March from Imitation to Innovation

Tai Ming Cheung

325 – 354

‘Technology Determines Tactics’: The Relationship between Technology and Doctrine in Chinese Military Thinking

Dennis J. Blasko

355 – 381

The Chinese Aviation Industry: Techno-Hybrid Patterns of Development in the C919 Program

Samm Tyroler-Cooper; Alison Peet

383 – 404

Upward and Onward: Technological Innovation and Organizational Change in China’s Space Industry

Kevin Pollpeter

405 – 423

China’s Defense Technology and Industrial Base in a Regional Context: Arms Manufacturing in Asia

Richard A. Bitzinger

425 – 450

The Slow Death of Japanese Techno-Nationalism? Emerging Comparative Lessons for China’s Defense Production

Christopher W. Hughes

451 – 479