17 September 2011

PLA Daily Offers Latest Details on “Peace Ark” Hospital Ship’s 1st Medical Mission to Caribbean

Wang Zhenjiang and Dai Zongfeng; Cui Xinwen, editor; ‘Peace Ark’ Hospital Ship to Visit Latin America,” Liberation Army Daily, 16 September 2011.

The navy emblem is shining and the navy songs are loud and clear. All people of the “Peace Ark” hospital ship of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) held an oath-taking and mobilization meeting at Zhoushan naval port at 09:00 on September 15. They are scheduled to sail on September 16 for visits to Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Costa Rica and carry out the “Harmonious Mission 2011” medical service task.

This is “Peace Ark” hospital ship’s second visit overseas following its “Harmonious Mission 2010” in the Gulf of Aden and five countries in Asia and Africa to execute medical service task. The hospital ship is expected to sail for 105 days, covering a total voyage of over 23,500 nautical miles. On the ship there are 416 officers and men, among which, 107 medical workers were selected from ten medical institutions of the whole navy, including the PLA Navy General Hospital, PLA 411 Hospital and PLA 413 Hospital, covering almost all kinds of medical professionals.

The primary mission of this hospital ship is to offer medical service to local people, officers and men of armed forces, and military and administrative personnel of the countries to be visited, and to carry out medical exchanges and cooperation with the navies of those countries. This is the first time for the hospital ship of the PLA Navy to come to the Caribbean area and visit the four countries in Latin America, and it is also the first military diplomatic activity between China and Costa Rica.

The officers and men of the “Peace Ark” hospital ship are in high spirit and morale. The ship is ready to sail after material replenishment, medicine and medical equipment loading, equipment inspection and repair, mobilization and specialized training.

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