08 December 2011

China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI) Profiled in Naval War College President’s Forum

Rear Admiral John N. Christenson, U.S. Navy, President, Naval War College,Promoting Global Maritime Partnerships,” President’s Forum, Naval War College Review, 65.1 (Winter 2012): 12.

China Maritime Studies Institute. The maritime relationship between the United States and China will be particularly critical to the world’s maritime security in the twenty-first century. China’s rapidly expanding overseas commerce and the growth of the People’s Liberation Army Navy are facts that deserve and demand considerable study and analysis. Just over five years ago the College established an organization, and recruited superb young Mandarin-speaking faculty, to enable such studies to take place. The China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI), established to increase knowledge and understanding of the maritime dimensions of China’s rise, supports the research needs of the U.S. Navy and the larger academic community. The CMSI conducts research in functional areas including energy, global commerce, law of the sea, maritime technologies, merchant marine, naval developments, naval diplomacy, and shipbuilding. The institute’s many published books and monographs have become “required reading” for China scholars around the world. Its contributions to the body of knowledge in the field continue to grow each day.

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