19 December 2012

China SignPost™ (洞察中国) #68–China Military Jet Engine Development Overview: An eReader

Gabriel B. Collins and Andrew S. Erickson, “China Military Jet Engine Development Overview: An eReader,” China SignPost™ (洞察中国) 68 (19 December 2012).

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For the past two years, we’ve worked hard to bring readers cutting edge analysis of China’s military jet engine development. The motivations for our focus are clear. First, to the best of our knowledge, no other open source publications have performed this sort of in-depth analysis of Chinese military and commercial jet engine development. This analytical gap is simply too important to leave unfilled. Second, weakness in jet engine production increasingly threatens to imperil China’s rapid progress in other aerospace dimensions such as airframe design and avionics, which are moving ahead far more quickly. The “linchpin” status of aeroengines makes the subject vital to understand for anyone interested in the future trajectory of China’s military aviation development.

With these powerful strategic forces in mind, we are pleased to bring you a one-stop shop of in-depth analysis, highlighted by our latest work, The ‘Long Pole in the Tent’: China’s Military Jet Engines,” which just came out in The Diplomat. … … …