08 April 2013

Inaugural Presentation in CSIS “China Reality Check” Speaker Series: “China’s Defense Budget: A Richer Nation Builds a Stronger Army”

Andrew S. Erickson,China’s Defense Budget: A Richer Nation Builds a Stronger Army,” Inaugural Presentation in “China Reality Check” Speaker Series, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington, DC, 8 April 2012.

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Sponsored and Moderated by Christopher K. Johnson, Senior Adviser and Freeman Chair in China Studies.


With commentary by:

Dr. James Mulvenon

Vice-President, Intelligence Division; Director, Center for Intelligence and Research Analysis, Defense Group, Inc.


Jack Georgieff

CSIS Visiting Scholar, Lowy Institute


China recently announced a projected 10.7% increase in defense spending for 2013, prompting a new round of commentary in the Western and regional press concerning the intent behind China’s robust military modernization program and Beijing’s ultimate military ambitions. The panel will aim to get behind the headlines with a deeper examination of the trendlines in Chinese defense spending and in the level of transparency in China’s official defense budget. The session also will explore the role of steady increases in Chinese defense expenditure in shaping the narrative on regional security dynamics.

Click here for full text of publications referenced in presentation:

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