28 September 2014

Hong Kong’s Unprecedented Protests and Police Crackdown, Explained

Thanks to Xiaoyu Pu for directing me to these sources.

Max Fisher, “Hong Kong’s Unprecedented Protests and Police Crackdown, Explained,” Vox, 28 September 2014.

Protest marches and vigils are fairly common in Hong Kong, but what began on Friday and escalated dramatically on Sunday is unprecedented. Mass acts of civil disobedience were met by a shocking and swift police response, which has led to clashes in the streets and popular outrage so great that analysts can only guess at what will happen next.

What’s going on in Hong Kong right now is a very big deal, and for reasons that go way beyond just this weekend’s protests. Hong Kong’s citizens are protesting to keep their promised democratic rights, which they worry — with good reason — could be taken away by the central Chinese government in Beijing. This moment is a sort of standoff between Hong Kong and China over the city’s future, a confrontation that they have been building toward for almost 20 years. …

Additional sources:

Andrew Prokop, “10 Dramatic Photos that Show the Protests and Crackdown in Hong Kong,” Vox, 28 September 2014.

1) Demonstrators are protesting China’s plan for Hong Kong’s 2017 elections

The elections will be less democratic than Beijing had earlier promised. On September 24, the student-led pro-democracy protesters moved to Hong Kong’s financial district, Central. …

Streaming Video of the Occupy Central Protests in Hong Kong,” China Real Time Report (中国实时报), Wall Street Journal, 28 September 2014.