17 November 2014

Writing to Think: The Intellectual Journey of a Naval Career

Robert C. Rubel, Writing to Think: The Intellectual Journey of a Naval Career, Naval War College Newport Paper 41 (2014).

NEWPORT PAPER 41- In his introduction to the forty-first Newport Paper monogram,Writing to Think: The Intellectual Journey of a Naval Career, Captain Robert C. “Barney” Rubel writes, “The articles in this Newport Paper are a selection of those that I have published (all but one of them) over the years in various publications. I did not write them to ‘get published’; I wrote them because I am a true extrovert—I have to talk, or write, in order to think.” A complete collection of the writings of Captain Rubel, who retired in 2014 as Dean of Naval Warfare Studies at the Naval War College, would have made a long volume indeed—and his continuing flow of new work would have made it incomplete before its appearance.

This monograph is available in pdf form the Naval War College Press website and in print by request, while supplies last, from the editorial office.