04 July 2015

朝日新聞 (Asahi Shimbun) Op-Ed: “日中間の危機管理–海空連絡メカニズム急げ” (Japan-China Crisis Management—Expedite an Air-Sea Contact Mechanism)

In an op-ed published today, Prof. Adam Liff and I argue that Tokyo and Beijing urgently need to establish, and to reliably implement, bilateral crisis management capabilities vis-à-vis the East China Sea. Hotline(s) could be of particular utility as a contact mechanism, but would only be as good as both sides’ commitment to actually using them in the event of a crisis. Our op-ed appears in Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s second-largest newspaper with a daily circulation of over 10 million readers.

アダム・リフ、アンドリュー・エリクソン [Adam Liff and Andrew Erickson], “日中間の危機管理–海空連絡メカニズム急げ” [Japan-China Crisis Management—Expedite an Air-Sea Contact Mechanism],(私の視点)[Our Perspective (Op-Ed)], 朝日新聞 [Asahi Shimbun], 4 July 2015.

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