29 July 2015

People’s Daily Online: China’s new generation 12000 ton coast guard ship can “destroy a 5000 ton ship and sink it to the sea floor”

China’s New Generation of Coast Guard Ship is Powerful

By Jiaxin Li (People’s Daily Online)    01:14, July 29, 2015


China’s new generation of the 12,000 ton coast guard ship is designed to be used for law enforcement at sea and preventing foreign vessels from getting closer to our ship. The design of the main body of this vessel is up to military standard.

It has the power to smash into a vessel weighing more than 20,000 tons and will not cause any damage to itself when confronting a vessel weighing under 9000 tons. It can also destroy a 5000 ton ship and sink it to the sea floor.


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(Editor:Tian Li, Bianji)