11 August 2015

“This the Chinese Navy!”—PLAN Ad Video Recruits Millennials with Patriotic Appeal

Chinese Navy Recruiting Video Translated — 中国海军征兵宣传片英文翻译

Click here to watch the video with English-language subtitles.


“We will not yield a single inch of our borders to foreigners…the struggle over maritime rights has not ended…we are ready for war.”

The message of this recruiting video is that China recovered Macao and Hong Kong in the 1990s, and the PLA Navy now needs China’s youth to help it seize the coastal state rights of China’s neighbors, advancing the Chinese nationalist narrative of “reunification,” albeit reunification with places that have never been part of China.

Though it closely copies the format of the United States’ 2007 Seapower video, the message of this Chinese video is nationalistic, unilateralist, and expansionist — nearly the opposite of the U.S. 2007 Seapower video which emphasized cooperation, internationalism, humanitarianism and stability.

The most aggressive section begins at about 1:30, where the video shows maritime territories and coastal sovereign areas of Japan, and Malaysia, followed by zooms on outposts of the Philippines and Vietnam, then a waving PLA flag and extensive combat footage. Of course there has actually been very little naval combat over the last half century, so the footage is from movies, exercises and computer generation.

For other China security-relevant videos, see Dako Xiaweiyi’s YouTube channel. All maritime, all the time!

Full text translation appended below courtesy of David Cowhig. See his many recent translations at 高大伟 在美国华盛顿人的博客. Additional articles (many by him) and translations (all by him) from his time in Beijing in the 1990s are available here. Follow him on Twitter (高大伟) @gaodawei.

Opening video slot – Chinese PLA Navy emblem: Navy recruiting publicity film

Caption: This is the Chinese Navy


Our Dream

We were born in the 1990s

By then China had already risen  [images of return of Hong Kong and Macao in 1997]

We have the same concerns

With bright dreams, we want to shine like the new century

For our dreams

We want to give our all

We want to grow be very strong


The Call of Duty

Seventy-one percent of this globe we depend upon is blue water

No matter which corner of the globe

Wherever there is blue water, we are there to protect the security of navigation

The ideology of the “One Belt, One Road”      [Note: President Xi Jinping’s new silk road concept for China’s economic development]

China’s oceanic and overseas interests are developing rapidly.

Our land is vast

But we will not yield a single inch of our frontiers to foreigners

China has 3 million square kilometers of ocean under its jurisdiction

Including 6700 islands with a surface area of over 500 square meters

The struggle over sea rights has not ended – we will not give up even the tiniest bit of our resources   [pictures of oil rigs at sea]


The Honor Gene

Thousands of sea battles forged us

In very bloody combat

Hot blood and the smell of gunpowder

We kept working hard

We kept growing

The passionate efforts of youth

Forging in trials makes possible the breakthrough

We maintain combat readiness

We are prepared for war

What we really want is to grow together with you

Let’s all share together


Seeking the Blue Dream

We are stronger because you are stronger

Here with us, you will be able to reach your dreams

Here with us, we will let you demonstrate your extraordinary talents  [sailor holding a child’s drawing “We are in the Navy too!”]

Here we us, we give you the chance to sprout wings

[Group with Chinese flags and smaller UK flags, banner written “Giving a Warm Send-Off to the Chinese Naval Expeditionary Force!”]

Here, the eyes of the entire world are upon us!

This the Chinese Navy!

This is you with us – full of pride!

A strong motherland needs a strong navy

The Navy needs you.

Let’s together realize the dream of the great Chinese renaissance.


Title at end in calligraphy:  Sail the four seas, brave and courageous

End title under PLA Navy emblem:   We invite you to join the Chinese Navy