15 December 2015

A Classic Reference with Renewed Relevance: Download “The PLA as Organization v2.0”!

Kevin Pollpeter and Kenneth W. Allen, eds., The PLA as Organization v2.0 (Vienna, VA: Defense Group Inc., 2015).

This is an updated version of the earlier classic reference volume:

James C. Mulvenon and Andrew N. D. Yang, eds., The People’s Liberation Army as Organization Reference Volume v1.0, CF-182-NSRD (Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2002).

This book is the product of a conference, held in October 2000, that brought together many of the nation’s top experts to evaluate issues of structure and process in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The editors believe that fundamental knowledge about the PLA can be ascertained from the study of its organizational structure, and that this type of structure and process analysis is the critical first step toward a revolution in our understanding of the central issues, including how the PLA will fight. The papers in this volume present a comprehensive view of the administrative and operational structure of the PLA. In exhaustive detail, they discuss the leadership, history, organization, functions, and possible future direction of each of the PLA’s Commissions and Military Departments.

Table of Contents




Editors’ Note



Chapter 1
  Introduction to the PLA’s Administrative and Operational Structure

Chapter 2
  The Central Military Commission and Military Policy in China

Chapter 3
  The Pinnacle of the Pyramid: The Central Military Commission

Chapter 4
  The General Staff Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army: Organization, Roles, & Missions

Chapter 5
  The General Political Department and the Evolution of the Political Commissar System

Chapter 6
  The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) General Logistics Department (GLD): Toward Joint Logistics Support

Chapter 7
  The General Armament Department

Chapter 8  
PLA Ground Forces: Moving Toward a Smaller, More Rapidly Deployable, Modern Combined Arms Force

Chapter 9
  PLA Air Force Organization

Chapter 10
  The Organization of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN)

Chapter 11
  The Chinese Second Artillery Corps: Transition to Credible Deterrence

Chapter 12
  The Institutional Lessons of Disaster: Reorganizing The People’s Armed Police After Tiananmen