01 November 2017

Japan MoD Releases White Paper: Defense of Japan 2017—Mentions China Maritime Militia, 2nd After U.S. DoD to Do So

Japan Defense White Paper mentions China Maritime Militia (p. 95):

  • Part of China’s Armed Forces
  • Xi visited
  • SCS ops.

FN 51-54:

  • Xi visited in 2013
  • Incidents include 2009 Impeccable & 2014 HYSY-981 oil rig
  • DefMin Chang visited in 2016
  • ADM Swift stressed w/ADM Wu



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Special Feature 1

The 10th Anniversary of the Reorganization into Ministry of Defense Chronicle of the Post-Reorganization Decade

Special Feature 2

Defense Chronology

Special Feature 3

Active Participation of Female Personnel


Digest Part I

Digest Part II

Digest Part III

Part I: Security Environment Surrounding Japan

Chapter 1 Overview

Section 1 Trends in the International Community

Section 2 Asia Pacific Security Environment

Section 3 Global Security Issues

Chapter 2 Defense Policies of Countries

Section 1 The United States

Section 2 Korean Peninsula

Section 3 China

Section 4 Russia

Section 5 Australia

Section 6 Southeast Asia

Section 7 South Asia

Section 8 Europe

Chapter 3 Issues in the International Community

Section 1 Trends in Regional Conflicts and International Terrorism (with a Focus on the Middle East and Africa)

Section 2 Transfer and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Section 3 Maritime Trends

Section 4 Outer Space and Security

Section 5 Trends in Cyberspace

Section 6 Trends Concerning Military Science and Technology as well as Defense Production and Technological Bases

Part II: Japan’s Security and Defense Policy and the Japan-U.S. Alliance

Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Japan’s Security and Defense

Section 1 Measures to Ensure Japan’s Security

Section 2 Constitution and the Basis of Defense Policy

Section 3 Outline of the National Security Strategy

Chapter 2 Building a Dynamic Joint Defense Force

Section 1 Outline of the National Defense Program Guidelines

Section 2 Outline of the Medium Term Defense Program

Section 3 Build-Up of Defense Capability in FY2017

Section 4 Defense-Related Expenditures

Chapter 3 Development of Legislation for Peace and Security and the SDF Activities Since Legislation’s Enforcement

Section 1 Circumstances of the Development of Legislation

Section 2 Outline of the Legislation for Peace and Security

Section 3 The Situation of the Self-Defense Forces after the Enforcement of the Legislation for Peace and Security

Chapter 4 Strengthening of the Japan-U.S. Alliance

Section 1 Significance of the Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements

Section 2 Initiatives to Build the Foundation for Strengthening the Alliance

Section 3 Stationing of the U.S. Forces in Japan

Part III: Initiatives to Protect the Lives and Property of the People as well as Securing the Territorial Land, Water and Airspace

Chapter 1  Organizations Responsible for the Defense of Japan, and Effective Deterrence and Handling

Section 1 Organization of the Ministry of Defense (MOD)/the Self-Defense Forces (SDF)

Section 2 Effective Deterrence and Response

Chapter 2 Active Promotion of Security Cooperation

Section 1 Towards Strategic International Defense Cooperation

Section 2 Ensuring Maritime Security

Section 3 Efforts to Support International Peace Cooperation Activities

Section 4 Initiatives for Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

Chapter 3 Human Foundation and Organization that Supports the Defense Force, and Active Participation of Female SDF Personnel

Section 1 Human Foundation and Organization that Supports the Defense Force

Section 2 Promotion of Work-Life Balance and More Active Participation of Female Personnel

Section 3 Enhancement of Medical Functions

Chapter 4 Measures on Defense Equipment and Technology

Section 1 Promotion of Research and Development for Ensuring Technological Superiority

Section 2 The Current Status of Defense Production and Technological Bases, and the Strategy on Defense Production and Technological Bases

Section 3 Efforts toward Project Management, etc.

Section 4 Defense Equipment and Technology Cooperation

Chapter 5 Interaction with Local Communities and Japanese Citizens

Section 1 Collaboration with Local Communities

Section 2 Public Relations Activities, Information Disclosure, and Related Activities




Defense Chronology

Organizational Diagram of the Self-Defense Forces

Location of Principal SDF Units (As of March 31, 2017)

Locations of Major U.S. Forces Stationing in Japan (Excluding Okinawa Prefecture) (As of March 31, 2017)

Locations of Major U.S. Forces Stationing in Okinawa (As of March 31, 2017)