11 January 2019

Forthcoming from NBR in January 2019—Strategic Asia 2019: China’s Expanding Strategic Ambitions

Strategic Asia 2019 (forthcoming)
China’s Expanding Strategic Ambitions

January 31, 2019

Forthcoming in January 2019, Strategic Asia 2019: China’s Expanding Strategic Ambitions, the eighteenth volume in the Strategic Asia series, describes how China seeks to reshape the international system to serve its strategic aims. Each chapter assesses the country’s ambitions in a particular geographic or functional area and presents policy options for the United States and its partners to address the challenges posed by a rising China.

Ashley J Tellis
Alison SzalwinskiMichael Wills, and David Brewster
, eds., Strategic Asia 2019: China’s Expanding Strategic Ambitions (Seattle, WA: The National Bureau of Asian Research, 2019).



Richard J. Ellings

Pursuing Global Reach: China’s Not So Long March toward Preeminence

Ashley J. Tellis

Russia and the Arctic in China’s Quest for Great-Power Status

Elizabeth Wishnick

China’s Quest for Influence in Northeast Asia: Assessing Chinese Strategy

Patricia M. Kim

A Rising China’s Challenge to Taiwan

Michael S. Chase

Shifting Winds in Southeast Asia: Chinese Prominence and the Future of Regional Order

Ja Ian Chong

The Red Flag Follows Trade: China’s Future as an Indian Ocean Power

David Brewster

China’s Belt and Road: One Initiative, Three Strategies

Joel Wuthnow

Power vs. Distance: China’s Global Maritime Interests and Investments in the Far Seas

Andrew S. Erickson

China’s Role in Reshaping the International Financial Architecture: Blunting U.S. Power and Building Regional Order

Rush Doshi

China’s Global Development Spending Spree: Winning the World One Yuan at a Time?

Samantha Custer and Michael J. Tierney

China’s Promotion of New Global Values

François Godement