27 February 2022

Unique Reference! Russia’s Aircraft: Russian Military Aircraft, 1955 – Present

A comprehensive order of battle containing all aircraft in service over the previous seven decades right up to now in Moscow’s Naval Aviation (AVMF), Military Air Force (VVS), Air Defense Forces (PVO), and Long-Range Aviation (DA). Use this unique and timely unclassified reference for open source research and war gaming!

Larry Bond, Chris Carlson, and Peter Grining, eds., Russia’s Aircraft: Russian Military Aircraft, 1955 – Present Day (Admiralty Trilogy Group, June 2021).

Russia’s Aircraft lists aircraft in service between 1955 and the present day in Naval Aviation (AVMF), the Military Air Force (VVS), and the Air Defense Forces (PVO), and Long-Range Aviation (DA). It can be used as a sourcebook for Harpoon, fifth edition. Organized as a collection of annexes, it provides statistics on aircraft and any modifications or upgrades they received, sometimes many times. Other annexes detail weapons and sensors, including air-air-to-air and air-to surface missiles, guns, ASW weapons, electronics pods, radars, sonars, with all the information needed to use them in a Harpoon scenario.

In addition to real-world systems, many canceled or proposed weapons are also described, as well as UAVs and reconnaissance drones.

This June 2021 second printing has been updated with all errata and changes since the first printing in July 2020.