20 March 2023

Apply by 24 March! China Landpower Studies Center seeks Chair/Founding Director & Research Professors of China Military + Indo-Pacific Security Studies

Great news! The U.S. Army War College is establishing a China military studies center at Carlisle Barracks, PA. The center will be similar to those at other professional military educational institutions such as National Defense University, Air University, and the Naval War College.

The China Landpower Studies Center will uniquely focus on the study of the PLA Army and ground forces, which are the core of the PLA joint force. The center will also examine a wide range of PRC national policy and strategic issues. The center has two aims: enhance U.S. Army/Joint leaders’ understanding of PRC/PLA strategies, capabilities, and development; and inform development of U.S. policy as well as U.S. Army/Joint strategies.

[Erickson note: The PLA Army (PLAA) has extensive Taiwan scenario roles, chiefly in amphibious, army aviation, and air assault operations. Arguably of greatest significance are its six Amphibious Combined Arms Brigades—four in the Eastern Theater Command (nearest Taiwan), and two in the Southern Theater Command.]

Complete information regarding the three positions open for hire to support the center, and how to apply for them, is available via USA Jobs.gov:

Chair of China Studies

Research Professor of China Military Studies

Research Professor of Indo-Pacific Security Studies