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31 March 2011

Beijing Issues Latest Defense White Paper “China’s National Defense in 2010”: English/Chinese Full Text, Key Excerpts & Analysis

Full Text (English): Defense White Paper “China’s National Defense in 2010”
Full Text (Chinese):《2010年中国的国防》白皮书
China’s 2010 Defense White Paper follows a pattern by now well-established in these biannual reports on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). It offers some new details not present in the previous report, but stops well short of offering the degree of detail that […]

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29 December 2006

White Paper—China’s National Defense in 2006

China’s National Defense in 2006
Issued by the Information Office of the State Council
People’s Republic of China
December 29, 2006
I. The Security Environment
II. National Defense Policy
III. China’s Leadership and Administration System for National Defense
IV. The People’s Liberation Army
V. People’s Armed Police Force
VI. National Defense Mobilization and Reserve Force
VII. Border and Coastal Defense
VIII. Science, Technology and Industry for […]

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