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29 July 2021

France’s Indo-Pacific Strategy: Priority Focus by a Resident Stakeholder

France’s Indo-Pacific Strategy (Paris: Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, 28 July 2021).
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A summary is available here.
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Read brief report on “France’s Partnerships in the Indo-Pacific (April 2021).”

Section One – The Indo-Pacific: a region with polarizing tensions and significant global issues
The main principles and objectives […]

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01 June 2019

France and Security in the Indo-Pacific

France and Security in the Indo-Pacific (Paris: Minister for the Armed Forces, May 2019).
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This is definitely not Paris’s version of the Washington’s China Military Power report. It is instead a counterpart to the simultaneously-released  Department of Defense Indo-Pacific Strategy Report. 
In fact, this French document contains only 9 mentions of “China” in […]

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