03 March 2012

5th Annual Tufts China-US Symposium (塔夫兹大学中美关系年会), 9-10 March

5th Annual Tufts China-US Symposium

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March 9-10th, 2012 in ASEAN auditorium at The Cabot Intercultural Center of Tufts University. 

The China-US Symposium, 塔夫兹大学中美关系年会, believes in building on the crossroads of ideas, nations, and people, at Tufts University.  To do this, we seek to bring the communities of Tufts and Boston, into close contact with the experts and practitioners of international relations of China and the United States. 

This year, we explore how the 2012 leadership transitions in China and the United States will affect their economic, security, legal, and diplomatic relations and interests. Four panels will focus on the facets of China-US relations.

David Rawson Memorial Lecture 

Joseph Fewsmith Director of B.U.’s Center for the Study of Asia; Professor of International Relations and Political Science

Panel 1: The Role of Law in Political Reform – Rule of Law in Development

Jamie Horsley Deputy Director of the China Law Center and Lecturer in law at Yale Law School

Margaret Woo Professor of Law at Northeastern University

Jacques Delise Professor of Chinese Politics and Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School  

Panel 2: 2012– 20 years after Deng Xiaoping– Economics and Business

Jeffrey Rosenberg Faculty at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

William Kirby Director of the Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies

William A. Reinsch President of the National Foreign Trade Council 

Panel 3: America’s “Return to Asia” and China’s Broadening Pacific Power – Military Security

Nan Li Professor at the China Maritime Studies Institute of the U.S. Naval War College 

Michael Beckley Research Fellow at the Belfer Center of Harvard University, Incoming Tufts Professor of International Relations of East Asia 

Andrew Erickson Associate Professor, Strategic Research Department, U.S. Naval War College. To present Sino-American Military Dynamics in the Near and Far Seas.”

Panel 4: Engagement with China – Diplomacy, Negotiation, and Dispute Resolution

Sharon Hom Executive Director of Human Rights in China

Sung-Yoon Lee  Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School

Xuedong Wang Associate Professor of International Politics, Sun Yat-Sen University 

Friday March 9th, 2012 

11:30am: Symposium Registration

1:00pm: Opening remarks

1:15pm: Rawson Memorial Lecture Keynote

2:00pm : Panel 1 Law, Development, and Environment

4:00pm: Break

4:30pm: Panel 2 Economics

Saturday March 10th           

10:15am: Opening Remarks

10:30am: Panel 3 Military Security

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm: Panel 4 Engagement

2:30pm: Concluding Remarks 

     The symposium is marked by the David Rawson Memorial Lecture, in honor of former Tufts graduate David Rawson. Past lectures included Retired Rear Admiral Eric McVadon and Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy.