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15 May 2008

Observing Chinese Reactions to the New Maritime Strategy

“Observing Chinese Reactions to the New Maritime Strategy,” Information Dissemination, 14 May 2008.
Dr. Andrew S. Erickson is one of the premier sources on Chinese Maritime analysis, and a blog favorite. Previous coverage of his work here and here. Last year Dr. Erickson published New U.S. Maritime Strategy: Initial Chinese Responses, an examination and insightful study […]

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18 February 2008

Observing Chinese Theories of Naval Warfare

“Observing Chinese Theories of Naval Warfare,” Information Dissemination, 17 February 2008.
…the authors of that publication are the primary sources for what we do know about PLAN thinking behind Mine Warfare. Dr. Andrew Erickson, Ph.D., Lyle Goldstein, Ph.D., & William Murray authored an excellent article in Undersea Warfare Magazine Winter 2007, an article we have previously […]

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05 February 2008

Norman Polmar on CMSI’s China Sea Mine Research

Norman Polmar, “Is There a Mine Threat?” U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings 134.2 (February 2008): 88-89.
If Chinese offensive mining is a concern, the U.S. Navy isn’t saying much about it. … Similarly, numerous articles in Proceedings, the Naval War College Review, and other professional publications address the Chinese submarine threat, but China’s use of mines is rarely mentioned. … The […]

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09 January 2008

It’s Always Nice to Get the Chinese Perspective

“It’s Always Nice to Get the Chinese Perspective,” Information Dissemination, 8 January 2008.
Last Thursday we highlighted the Winter 2008 Review at the Naval War College that has an excellent essay titled Chinese Evaluations of the US Navy Submarine Force. We found this essay to be excellent, well cited, indeed well put together and one of […]

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04 January 2008

Reading Bliss for Observers of Submarines and China

“Reading Bliss for Observers of Submarines and China,” Information Dissemination, 3 January 2008.
… Inside Winter 2008 you will find reading bliss for submarine observers like us. If you want to get a head start, check it out, because we intend to spend extra time blogging about the essay “Chinese Evaluations of the US Navy Submarine […]

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