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12 July 2016

Preserving a Rules-Based Order in the South China Sea

Andrew S. Erickson, “Preserving a Rules-Based Order in the South China Sea,” interview with Eleanor Albert, Council on Foreign Relations, 12 July 2016.
A UN tribunal’s ruling upholds the need for a rules-based order that counters China’s efforts to turn the South China Sea region into a sphere of influence, says expert Andrew Erickson.
The Permanent Court of […]

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11 July 2016

Interviewed by Anthony Kuhn on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition

“International Tribunal to Rule on South China Sea Case,” interviewed by Anthony Kuhn, Morning Edition, National Public Radio, 11 July 2016.
Click here to listen to the program.
A decision in the case is expected on Tuesday. The Philippines challenged China’s claims to most of the South China Sea, through which about a 5th of the world’s […]

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08 July 2016

Live Sunday 10 July from 5:00-6:00 PM EST on Midrats Radio Program, Blog Talk Radio—“China’s Maritime Militia with Andrew Erickson”

“Episode 340: China’s Maritime Militia with Andrew Erickson,” Live Interview on Midrats Radio Program, Blog Talk Radio, 10 July 2016.
Click here to listen to the complete podcast.
If you enjoyed the show, you may wish to scroll down through the Complete Maritime Militia Compendium appended below. Just want something specific? No problem! Everything is on one […]

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08 July 2016

Interviewed on The John Batchelor Show Regarding “China’s Third Sea Force—the Maritime Militia”

“China’s Third Sea Force—the Maritime Militia,” interviewed on “‘Farce’ Says China, in the South China Sea” program, The John Batchelor Show, 77 WABC Radio New York, 7:30 p.m. EST, 6 July 2016.
Click here for webcast, and listen to minutes 30:40-39:33.


Tracking China’s “Little Blue Men”—A Comprehensive Maritime Militia Compendium

Rarely is a […]

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29 June 2016

“Tensions between China and U.S. Intensify over South China Sea,” Interviewed by Eleanor Hall on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)’s The World Today Program

Andrew S. Erickson, Interviewed by Eleanor Hall, “Tensions between China and U.S. Intensify over South China Sea,” The World Today Program, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), 29 June 2016.
Click here to listen to both key interview highlights (MP3 Download) and the full-length interview (Extra Audio).
The World Today is Australia’s leading midday current affairs radio program, broadcast across […]

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22 June 2016

Interview by 美国之音 (Voice of America) on 海上民兵 (Maritime Militia) of 潭门镇 (Tanmen Township) & Beyond

萧雨 [Xiao Yu], “南海仲裁在即 潭门渔民集体封口” [South China Sea Arbitration Imminent—Tanmen Fishermen Collective Seals Mouth],  美国之音 [Voice of America], 23 June 2016.

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21 April 2016

How Does China’s First Aircraft Carrier Stack Up?

I’m honored to have been interviewed on China’s deck aviation development and future prospects for CSIS’s new China Power Project, just launched under the leadership of Bonnie Glaser. Check out other China Power interviews here.
Andrew S. Erickson, “How Does China’s First Aircraft Carrier Stack Up?” interview for China Power Project, Center for Strategic and International […]

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01 February 2016

“Powers Jockey for Pacific Island Chain Influence”—Interview by Christopher P. Cavas in Defense News

Christopher P. Cavas, “Powers Jockey for Pacific Island Chain Influence,” Defense News, 1 February 2016.
Pacific Island Chains Measure Regional Influence
The extensive chains of Pacific islands ringing China have been described as a wall, a barrier to be breached by an attacker or strengthened by a defender. They are seen as springboards, potential bases for operations […]

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02 November 2015

China’s “Little Blue Men” Take Navy’s Place in Disputes

Christopher P. Cavas, “China’s ‘Little Blue Men’ Take Navy’s Place in Disputes,” Defense News, 2 November 2015.
China using maritime militia to carry out its dirty work in seagoing confrontations
WASHINGTON — When the US destroyer Lassen passed near a newly-built artificial island on Subi Reef in the South China Sea’s Spratly Islands Oct. 27, it was already being […]

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26 October 2015

Discussion of China’s A2/AD Approach and “Island” Construction on NHK World

“Experts Discuss Security Risks,” Newsline, NHK World, 16 October 2015.
Watch my comments China’s A2/AD approach and “island” construction starting at minute 1:30 on the English-language version of the program.
View a clip of my comments on the Japanese-language version of the program.
Click here to watch the Japanese-language program in its entirety. (I speak during minutes 5:07-5:25).

NEWSLINE delivers […]

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11 May 2015

Interviewed by Michael Forsythe in New York Times Sinosphere: Dispatches from China on “China’s Military Goals and Capabilities”

Michael Forsythe, “Q. and A.: Andrew S. Erickson on China’s Military Goals and Capabilities,” Sinosphere: Dispatches from China, New York Times, 11 May 2015.
Every year, the United States Department of Defense must submit a report to Congress — a classified version and an unclassified one — on “military and security developments involving the People’s Republic of […]

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29 September 2014

Asahi Shimbun Profiles CMSI and its Four Core Scholars

“中国軍の台頭どう分析” [How to Analyze the Rise of China’s Military], 朝日新聞 [Asahi Shimbun], 26 August 2014, 10.

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16 May 2013

Lifting the Shroud on China’s Defense Spending: Trends, Drivers, and Implications—An Interview with Andrew S. Erickson and Adam P. Liff

Nathaniel Austin, “Lifting the Shroud on China’s Defense Spending: Trends, Drivers, and Implications—An Interview with Andrew S. Erickson and Adam P. Liff,” Policy Q&A, National Bureau of Asian Research, 16 May 2013.
In March, the Chinese government announced another multibillion-dollar increase of its defense budget. In order to gain a more nuanced understanding of the latest budget’s […]

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